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Pulse Box


Vibrant Dynamic Cinematic Pulses




  • 30 Unique Pulses
  • Three different dynamic levels
  • .WAV format, 48kHz (96kHz) / 24bit.
  • 597 MB of hard drive space.
  • Includes Kontakt Engine and separate WAV samples.
  • Designed for Free Kontakt Player.
  • Primarily, designed for trailer and cinematic music. But, at the same time, it can be used in any genre or any mix.

Introducing our new free sample library Pulse Box for creating cinematic pulses. Designed for the free Kontakt player, this library contains 30 unique pulses, each with three unique and different dynamic levels. This means that you can adjust each pulse in live to play with different volume and dynamics using mod wheel and/or velocity modulation, depending on the needs of your project. Whether you’re working on a movie trailer, a video game, or just want to add powerful pulses to your music, this library gives you all the tools you need to achieve that professional, cinematic sound.

This library comes with two options: you can use it with Kontakt Player to sync the pulses perfectly to your tempo (BPM) without losing any quality, or you can use the WAV files directly.

Pulse Box Gui 1
Pulse Box Gui 2

Made For Kontakt Player

This library is licensed for use with the free Kontakt Player. It can be used in Kontakt Player or in the full retail version of Kontakt. It requires online registration via Native Access. This library is also fully compatible with Komplete Kontrol and all NKS Standard hardware and software from Native Instruments.


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