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Eilean Flannel Piano

Eilean Piano

by Glencoe Audio

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$ 69


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Eilean Flannel Piano is a beautifully imperfect and close recorded upright piano designed in collaboration with Glencoe Audio for intimate neo-classical and film cinematic music inspired by artists such as Hania Rani, Ólafur Arnalds, and Nils Frahm. Instead of felt, we used flannel which is a thinner fabric. This gives the piano a clearer, airy, more focused, and detailed sound whilst preserving much of the felted hammer sound we all love. This allows more flexibility when it comes to shaping the sound and helping it to sit in the mix.

At the heart of the design is simplicity and instant inspiration. It is designed to provide an inspiring sound straight out of the box yet with flexibility to craft your own sound.

Listen to the demos

Eilean Piano Trailer
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David A. Molina - Eilean Piano Demo
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The instrument is first and foremost a piano. At its foundation is a beautifully imperfect upright piano that was rescued from sitting in a warehouse for almost 10 years.

Included are 3 pianos:

  • Full | 4 Dynamic Layers / 4 Round Robins

  • Soft and Intimate | 3 Dynamic Layers / 4 Round Robins
    (Shares sample set with “Full” but remapped and tweaked for softer dynamics)

  • Tape Stretched | 4 Dynamic Layers / 4 Round Robins

Full and Soft & Intimate pianos give you control over key attack, key release, pedal, and pianist noises. All pianos feature a dynamic response knob, and tone knob for quick sound shaping.

Eilean Piano x2000
Eilean Warp x2000



The Warp section is loaded with 6 “warp” sample sets curated and designed to blend beautifully with the piano. Sourced from the piano, these are organic ambiences which add instant space and depth without having to fiddle around with endless sound design tools. Instant gratification, if you will.

These samples sound great on their own but there are also additional parameters to shape the sound to make it your own.

Use the Morph knob to blend between both sections or push to 100% to turn the instrument into a pad!


  • Requires Full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 as the minimum (Free Kontakt Player is NOT supported).
  • lossless .NCW format, 48kHz / 24bit.
  • 4,388 Samples / 5.38GB NCW-compressed

  • 3 piano instruments, 6 Warp instruments
  • Exclusive WA Presets (17 Multi Presets / 11 Single Presets)
  • Delivered via Pulse downloader. Automatic extraction and installation.

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