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Serviceswe do

Composers and companies come to us when they want us to do the services we specialize in, primarily virtual instrument development. We can take on a wide range of tasks from KSP programming to branding and graphic design.

If you are a composer and want to build your own custom sample library and don’t want to understand how to develop it on a high level, don’t want to deal with the many details and nuances and how deep the rabbit hole is, you can write to us. We’ll build you a brand new custom instrument.

If you are a company looking to outsource your workflow – contact us.



We do all KSP scripting work for your sample libraries from scratch. Our work is inspired by years of developing custom made virtual instruments and samples. Original engine, from beginning to end.


GUI Design

We create original high quality GUI design for your software. It also includes (optional) video trailer / teaser. Usually we focus on creating interfaces for our own plug-ins. But sometimes we can help our clients to achieve their goals with good and correct graphic design.


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