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General Information

About Wavelet Audio. What we do and why.

Wavelet Audio is a composition of music and science — we are media composers/sound designers and professional programmers. Once upon a time, when we were at the university at lectures on wavelet analysis, we decided to combine all these areas into one huge point. Since 2015, Wavelet Audio has been a rapidly growing player on the software developing court creating public & private sample libraries.

In short, for our store we do:

  • High quality sample libraries for modern composers & sound designers.

Private services for our clients:

  • Kontakt scripting and/or GUI design.
  • Private sample libraries creation. From scratch.
  • Also, we have plans for DSP programming in the future.
  • The founders of Wavelet Audio are all composers and musicians. And music emotions and atmosphere is one of the most important parts of our production. We offer music productions, compositions, arrangements for any type of media.


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